Katya (naive_astronaut) wrote,

Let me tell you how AMAZING 'Catching Fire' was!!!!! absolutely gorgeous movie!
Every time I think I can't fell in love with Josh playing Peeta more, he proves me I'm totally wrong.
I wanna watch it again and again 'cause I'm pretty sure I've missed some amazing details.

Also I'm totally in love with the first two episodes of 'Almost Human'. How did they even... OH MY GOOOD!!! I just love everything about it! and Karl Urban yaaaaaaay!!!!!

And the kinda sad part of the post is that I have no time for iconing, not only because of my study and work *which are pretty intense* but also because of some activities with teen wolf team @ russian wtfc. Sometimes I really love these guys but sometimes I completely regret my decision to participate XD
Tags: fandom stuff, hutcherson, teen wolf
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