Katya (naive_astronaut) wrote,

the long long post with no important information at all

wow, I haven't posted anything here for like a month, but I'm still alive guys lol (kind of:D)

The main reason for my 'disappearance' *aside from the fact that I'm lazy ass for writing post* is my study and my work. I have only five subjects this semester, thanks god not 10 as usual BUT OMG I'M GONNA DIE from the amount of information I should learn till January. nobody ever told me that Master course will be that hard. And 3 weeks ago I started working half a day at university's printing department. For shy and socially awkward person like me talking with customers on the phone or face-to-face is really weird and I'm still making a lot of mistakes but I'm trying to do my best and my colleagues are really nice and kind, so I basically have only positive emotions about my first job.

Aaaand returning to the fandom and icon-making stuff! I HAVE NO TIME FOR ANYTHING! *ugly crying in the corner* maybe I'll post some new icons in October but it'll be the smallest batch I've ever posted T_T

And I'm still rewatching Buffy *gosh how much I love it*. And also this month I've watched new Japanese version of Itazura no kiss and I actually loved it more than the Korean version. And I realized that the older I get the more I hate Naoki for his behavior.
And have anyone else started watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? I'm not really impressed with the 1st ep but agent Maria Hill omg I love her :D

And tell me how are you doing guys? :)
Tags: everyday's magic, fandom stuff, on thursdays we're teddy bear doctors

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