Katya (naive_astronaut) wrote,

- Just finished watching 'Side Effects'. Wow! This movie is freaking awesome! The plot was so intense, I had like 2 or 3 guesses how it probably could end. But I'm obviously terrible at guessing :D
- 'Beautiful Creatures' was pretty good too. Even better than I was expected but maybe all this 'witch' stuff is not really my cup of tea. Or I just should read a book, idk.
- Today phaust_ mentioned he's watching 'Psycho-Pass'. I was absolutely surprised 'cause I'm in the middle of this anime rn too! And I should say I haven't watched such a good anime for quite a long time.
- Two days till the season finales of Arrow and Spn. I'm kinda excited:D
- And aside of fandom stuff I want to 'thank' all this hard-working guys who thought that cutting the grass under my window at 8a.m. was a good idea. It was one of the worst beginning of a day.

and how r u doing?
Tags: everyday's magic

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