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Some of the entries in this journal are friend-locked. 99% of them are in Russian.
(maybe I'll try to make entries in English, idk :D)
It would be nice if you tell me something about you before adding me. any common interests^^
For my graphic please watch brazen_water
Журнал ведется для себя и с переменным успехом XD
Половина записей под "замком".
Буду рада, если перед добавлением в друзья вы напишете здесь что-нибудь о себе:)
За артом ходить сюда -> brazen_water
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Phase Three (Art)

Title:Phase Three
Author: damnitgreenberg
Artist: naive_astronaut
Rating: R
Word Count: 128450
Warnings: minor character deaths, imprisonment, torture, injuries/some gore, violence, bullying, language, sexual content
Summary: In a world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, the remaining members of the species are kept, guarded and protected, in self-sustaining compounds called “domes” while werewolves and other supernaturals run the rest of society. After Scott is bitten, Stiles is pulled from his dome to work at Beacon Hills, the largest werecity in what used to be California. There, he strikes up a surprising friendship with the Alpha Prime’s son and stumbles upon a series of secrets that may explain why the war with the Darach and her human separatist army never ended.

Link to Fic: AO3

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I really really want to make 'icon progression' post 'cuz I feel like I kinda improved this year but I absolutely have no time for it now. Tomorrow is my first master course exam and I'm literally in panic!
but I hope everything will be ok and I'll be able to make icon progression post tomorrow.
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Let me tell you how AMAZING 'Catching Fire' was!!!!! absolutely gorgeous movie!
Every time I think I can't fell in love with Josh playing Peeta more, he proves me I'm totally wrong.
I wanna watch it again and again 'cause I'm pretty sure I've missed some amazing details.

Also I'm totally in love with the first two episodes of 'Almost Human'. How did they even... OH MY GOOOD!!! I just love everything about it! and Karl Urban yaaaaaaay!!!!!

And the kinda sad part of the post is that I have no time for iconing, not only because of my study and work *which are pretty intense* but also because of some activities with teen wolf team @ russian wtfc. Sometimes I really love these guys but sometimes I completely regret my decision to participate XD
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the long long post with no important information at all

wow, I haven't posted anything here for like a month, but I'm still alive guys lol (kind of:D)

The main reason for my 'disappearance' *aside from the fact that I'm lazy ass for writing post* is my study and my work. I have only five subjects this semester, thanks god not 10 as usual BUT OMG I'M GONNA DIE from the amount of information I should learn till January. nobody ever told me that Master course will be that hard. And 3 weeks ago I started working half a day at university's printing department. For shy and socially awkward person like me talking with customers on the phone or face-to-face is really weird and I'm still making a lot of mistakes but I'm trying to do my best and my colleagues are really nice and kind, so I basically have only positive emotions about my first job.

Aaaand returning to the fandom and icon-making stuff! I HAVE NO TIME FOR ANYTHING! *ugly crying in the corner* maybe I'll post some new icons in October but it'll be the smallest batch I've ever posted T_T

And I'm still rewatching Buffy *gosh how much I love it*. And also this month I've watched new Japanese version of Itazura no kiss and I actually loved it more than the Korean version. And I realized that the older I get the more I hate Naoki for his behavior.
And have anyone else started watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? I'm not really impressed with the 1st ep but agent Maria Hill omg I love her :D

And tell me how are you doing guys? :)
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Watch Teen Wolf, they said.

It will make you happy, they said.(с)

Have you guys already seen the trailer for season 3? So much pain in one trailer. I'm officially heartbroken.
I actually started to watch teen wolf last summer because I thought it's kinda funny teen tv show with a lot of shirtless boys and sterek you know
but now it's pain and suffering and blood all over and
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- Just finished watching 'Side Effects'. Wow! This movie is freaking awesome! The plot was so intense, I had like 2 or 3 guesses how it probably could end. But I'm obviously terrible at guessing :D
- 'Beautiful Creatures' was pretty good too. Even better than I was expected but maybe all this 'witch' stuff is not really my cup of tea. Or I just should read a book, idk.
- Today phaust_ mentioned he's watching 'Psycho-Pass'. I was absolutely surprised 'cause I'm in the middle of this anime rn too! And I should say I haven't watched such a good anime for quite a long time.
- Two days till the season finales of Arrow and Spn. I'm kinda excited:D
- And aside of fandom stuff I want to 'thank' all this hard-working guys who thought that cutting the grass under my window at 8a.m. was a good idea. It was one of the worst beginning of a day.

and how r u doing?